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Our role


Where we work

Currently we are in Port -Au- Prince Haiti and Quebec, Canada. We offer our support to the poor.

In Quebec, we are also on the ground with the unfortunate. Despite the hard life, a poor remains a poor and is a human being in its own right and needs help also.

O.V.P provides a service to the homeless in and around Montreal. Council readjusting to society, such as: Finding a job, an apartment or return to school for the youngest. Give a little financial support. Persuade those who are sick to go to the hospital. Create a connection between the individual and his family, when possible. Permanent visit to recreation parks and in the streets. Appeal to the competent authorities in case of emergency. Listen and help their basic needs. Establish a relationship of trust. And refer their cases to other agency services etc.

We do not choose to become poor, homeless and sick. Although we are often by necessity. To see the needs of others , we must be willing to open your eyes !


Our implementation works by donations and volunteer staff. We have no paid employees, which allows your donation to be 100/100 services to the poor.

The poor are tired, depressed, sad and often sick. Please be generous, give them your smile !