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Contact : info@organisationlevraipartage.org

What we do


As a nonprofit organization, achieving our mission is essentially based on the generosity of people like you. Thanks to your good heart, every day we relieve the suffering of many families. Our goal for the future will be helps poor and homeless families stay under one roof. We count on you. We will let you know where we are in all our projects throughout the year.

Our mission

Our mission is not just to ask for your help, but we want you to participate in any improvement of the social life of these unfortunate people. By making a donation to this organization you will become automatically a member and you have the right to know all our management process.

In life everything is possible, with just a lil good will and courage. Together we can raise a mountain! Currently we are working on the basic needs of people, we would also like to build a house for each family that is found in this abandoned city. Unfortunately,currently we don’t have don’t have all the proper help. By helping us, you can make a big change!